Share your prayer request or join a prayer team

Prayer is central to our relationship with God. It’s a direct connection to God that lets us communicate our hearts to him— and hear his heart for us and others. We believe God hears our prayers and responds in his wisdom and timing. There are a number of opportunities at CTK to pray and be prayed for:

Prayer Requests

If there’s a situation you’d like people to pray for, we have a team of volunteers who do that every week based on requests we receive. You can submit your request at Reception on weekends and during office hours, or online (below).

Request Prayer

Prayer Teams

Prayer Letter Team

Every week we send a prayer letter containing all the requests we receive from the people of CTK. If you're willing to faithfully pray for those requests, we'd love to have you on the team. Just email Erin Drews for details.

Day2Pray Initiative

Members of this group commit to pray at a specific time on the 4th Friday of every month. If you would like to make this commitment, please sign up below.


Pastor Grant’s Prayer Team

Pastor Grant writes a weekly prayer letter with requests that are on his heart for our church, our staff, our global mission partners, and our community. Members of this prayer team pray at any time that's convenient for them. To join this group, please email Mariah Getsch or call 360-733-1337.