CTK Blessing

In our 20th year of the CTK Blessing, we continue to use funds donated to bless our community through:

You can help...

It's always been your generosity that makes the work of the CTK Blessing possible. You can help provide food, shelter, and other vital services to your community this year!

 Give to the Blessing

We believe in a loving God who sees each person made in His image and wants them to flourish in all aspects of their lives. When there's an unexpected crisis that financially impacts someone in our CTK family, we believe that's an opportunity to put our faith into action by stepping in and helping financially and to help people find God in the hard.

"As we have the opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers." - Galatians 6:10 

We are so encouraged by the continued generosity and faithfulness of our church family both in tithes and towards the Blessing fund.

God calls us to treat our church family...like family. So we take seriously the command of Galatians 6:10 to look out for each other when life gets hard. Through our shared generosity, God reminds us that he sees our trouble, he cares, and we are not alone.

His love and his redemptive power can have a lasting impact on our community as we gather our resources and combine our efforts.

If you'd like to become part of the bigger story God is writing through the CTK Blessing, you can give online by choosing Bellingham Blessing.


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