Congratulations on starting your journey with Jesus! 

We’re celebrating this decision with you as you take your first step into a new life. 


Text "BELIEVE" to 360-800-4173, and we’ll send you personalized next steps.

As we learn to follow Jesus together, there are three essential rhythms of your faith—Grow, Connect, and Serve.

1 | Grow

Spending time in scripture and prayer is essential to a flourishing relationship with Jesus. He is the Resurrection, he is life and light, and he invites you to know him! 

A great starting point in your journey is the Book of John in the Bible. There are 21 chapters in John, and we invite you to read and reflect on your time in it over the next 21 days. Use the included bookmark as a guide. Here are three steps to get started:

Get a Bible.

Download the free YouVersion App or visit for a list of recommended Bibles.

You can also pick up a free Bible at CTK Bellingham during normal business hours.

Make a plan.

Commit to a specific time & place that you will read from the book of John each day. This is critical to building a healthy rhythm of engaging with Scripture.


 Before reading, pray and ask God to speak to you through the Bible. Write down your thoughts, emotions, impressions, and questions for God as you go.

The following questions can be helpful on your journey.
  1. What grabs your attention in the chapter? What details seem most important?
  2. What is the chapter telling you about Jesus and his love for you? How does this bring you closer to him?
  3. What questions does the chapter raise for you? Write them down and talk to God about them.

Want more ideas for getting started with prayer and connecting to Jesus through the Bible? Visit

2 | Connect

Following Jesus well can only happen in community with others. There are more than 50 “one-another” instructions in the New Testament (love one another, serve one another, encourage one another, etc.). Jesus made it clear: the way we will be known as his follower is by loving each other the way he loved us (see John 13:34-35). 

Tell someone your story.

Connect with someone by sharing about your decision to follow Jesus. This could be a parent, sibling, or coworker—anyone close to you.

Tell us how that went.

Tell us about your sharing experience during the after-service prayer time any Sunday down in front of the stage, or email it to us at .

Learn someone else’s story.

At your next Sunday service, introduce yourself to someone next to you and learn about their story.

3 | Serve

In Mark 10:45, Jesus reminds us that "even he did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

God has given you something to give away! You have gifts and talents that are needed in a world desperate for hope. As you serve others, you will continue to grow.

Serve where you are.

Find an opportunity to serve a coworker or neighbor, and share the story with us (email stories@church).

Serve in the community.

Find an opportunity to serve our community at

Serve in the church.

Use the skills and passion God has given you to serve here at your church. There’s always a place for you at Talk to a staff member or volunteer about areas of passion where you might be able to start.