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CTK Kids – Bellingham

 COVID-19 Update:

Welcome! While many things are changing, some things are staying the same, like our ability to connect and meet with Jesus. While all our main services are allowing families to attend worship services together, at this time we are able to offer children’s programming during 9:30am on Sunday morning during service. 

CTK Kids COVID Guidelines

Register Your Child for In-Person Programming: 
Birth - 5th Grade (Adventureland & Base Camp)
Sundays at the 9:30 AM Service Only

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Interested in Volunteering?

Weekend Services

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If you would like a paper copy or have any further questions, please contact us .

Service Opportunity - FOR KIDS!
With the Light House Mission

We know children develop their faith when they get hands on and actually live the life of service God calls us too.  Which is why we are so EXCITED about this service opportunity - and all they have to do is prepare a snack! 

The Steps:

  1. Get informed. Go to here for all the info and to watch two short video’s.
  2. Sign up by clicking here.
  3. Talk with your children about homelessness.
  4. You'll be contacted the week before the week you choose to pick an exact date that works for you.
  5. Prepare a snack, and yes, have your children help.
  6. Help your kids drop off the snack, and if you’d like, as a family, help pass it out!
  7. Celebrate your children’s service.

For more information contact:
Dyona Robson, Children's Admin 
Daylee Hames, CTK Outreach Coordinator

Looking for a part-time job? Join our Children's Team!

Early Childhood Coordinator | 20 hrs/wk | $13.50/hr

The Bellingham Children's team is looking for:

  • Someone who loves working with kids, parents, and volunteers
  • A flexible, people-oriented self-starter
  • Creativity and patience, with a passion for seeing families thrive

Does this sound like you? See the rest of the description and APPLY

CTK Kids Online – Click Here

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Need some fun family ideas?
Check out our Bored, Busy, Encouragement section at the bottom of the page.

Check-In | 0–23 Mo | 2 Yr–K | 1st–3rd Grade | 4th–5th Grade | Compass | Awana | Busy, Bored, Encouragement

Check-In and Security

We take the security of children very seriously. To ensure the safety and security of all our kids, CTK uses a check-in and tag system. You’ll find Children’s check-in near the front doors under the CTK Kids sign.

An attendant will assist you with the check-in process during your first time through registration.

Nursery | 0–23 Months

We consider it a privilege to play an important role in the development of your little one’s faith. Our team sees the nursery as an important ministry. We’re very careful and intentional in creating a safe environment where the love of Jesus is the focus.

We want you to be able to relax and enjoy your time with us. Bringing the following items will ensure that all your child’s needs are being met while in our care: a diaper, bottle (pre-made), pacifier and any other security or comfort item. To make sure you get home with everything you brought, please label all items and place them in a compact bag with your child’s name on it.

Contact MacKenzie Granger, Early Childhood Director
Contact Melanie Green, EC Ministry Coordinator 

Adventureland | 2 Years–Kindergarten

Your preschooler will love visiting Adventureland. For an hour every weekend, they’ll experience large-group worship and age-specific small group time.

Through games, music, and exciting Bible lessons, we provide spiritual nourishment that fits this active, curious stage in your child’s life. Adventureland equips kids to develop a real relationship with God and make wonderful friends.

Before your child gets to Adventureland, please make sure to check in at the Children’s Check-in station and make a stop at the preschool-sized restroom in the hallway near our classrooms.

Contact MacKenzie Granger, Early Childhood Director
Contact Melanie Green, EC Ministry Coordinator 

Base Camp | Kindergarten–3rd Grades 

Kids need a place where they can just be themselves — that’s where Base Camp comes in! During every weekend service, first through third graders have fun, learn, and are cared and prayed for while they learn how to love and pray for others.

Worship happens in a large group setting, and then kids enjoy age-specific group games, music, and teaching. Children discover valuable life lessons from Bible characters — and how to put into practice what God is showing them. Base Camp is a place where your child can meet Jesus.

Contact Bren Weatherby

The Lookout | 4th & 5th Grades

There’s a huge difference between a first grader and a fifth grader, so we offer something just for kids in 4th and 5th grades during every weekend service. The Lookout is a fun place for kids to learn to apply God’s truths and love others.

Worship happens in a large group setting, and then kids enjoy age-specific group games, music, and teaching. Children discover valuable life lessons from Bible characters — and how to put into practice what God is showing them. The Lookout is a place where your child can meet Jesus.

Contact Bren Weatherby


Compass is a social and emotional skill building program helping kids ages 6-12 navigate through life's many challenges. Most of us, and our kids, have experienced some stormy times in life, such as identifying and processing feelings, understanding relationships, making wise choices, working through changes, and capturing lies we may believe about ourselves to replace them with God's truth.

Email Katrina ( ) for more information! 

Already registered? Click to go to our Compass Online Page.


Due to COVID-19, AWANA will not be taking place at Bellingham CTK this year. 

Bored, Busy, Encouragement

If you’re feeling bored, here are some ideas you could try with your kids. 

Watch our weekly lessons WITH your kids! Then discuss the lesson at dinner. Use the activity bag to do the activities TOGETHER!

Sign your kids up for Compass - Check it out here!

Volunteer with Children's Ministry! We have packets to put together, painting, and a variety of things we would love your help with. Email us to sign up or with questions. 

Sign up for a small group. Click here to learn more.

Get outside and volunteer at the CTK Farm. Click here to learn more.

Glowstick Tag – After the sun has gone down, when it’s starting to get dark outside, you can play glowstick tag! To play, all you need is a glowstick. The rules are the same as regular tag, but the person who is “it” has the glowstick. When someone is tagged, the glowstick is passed to that person.

Shark Attack! – All you need to play this game is some chalk and a few bean bags or rocks. First, you will need to draw some “islands'' with chalk. Next, you will draw “water” between the “islands'' with blue chalk. To play the game, someone will toss the beanbags or rocks into the water, they are now “sharks”. Then everyone will take turns jumping from “island” to “island” trying not to fall into the “water” with the “sharks”.

Check out Tips, tools, articles about Emotion Coaching from Drs. John and Julie Gottman from the Gottman Institute. They are on social media as well.

If you’re feeling busy, here are some things your child can do independently.

Put your kids in front of our weekly lesson. Grab yourself about 30 minutes of quiet for a coffee, chores, or "alone" time. Have the kids do the coloring sheets. 

Sign your kids up for Compass - Check it out here! (Kids work on Compass alone.)

Create a coloring cave for your child by setting a big cardboard box on its side and letting your child crawl inside and color the walls.

There are a bunch of safe websites with educational games for kids. One you could try is Fun Brain ( This website has games that help kids from preschool to 8th grade practice math and reading skills.

There are some fun tv shows are movies from RightNow Media that can be helpful in providing you a few moments to do the dishes or pay some bills. Most of us parents don't like to use "screens as babysitters" because we feel like a failure, well I do at least. And sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. A series called Auto-B-Good teaches traits of faith and wisdom. VeggieTales was a favorite in our family with young kids.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a breath, read this prayer, and know that God’s love is always with you.

A Prayer for Peace When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

Dear God,

Thank you for being the God who never sleeps. Thank you for always being here for me, even when I’m not always here for you. Thank you that you are Love, and that you want the very best for me. Thank you for your promises and that you never change. I am feeling totally overwhelmed. Please help me. Help me to rest in the fact that you know what is best for me. Forgive me for turning away from you and trying to control the outcome in situations in my life. The Bible says that you are not the God of confusion but of peace. Help me to rest in your love and to feel the peace which surpasses all understanding. Help me to feel your love and comfort. Help me to be still and know that you are God and that you will take care of me, just like any loving parent takes care of their children. Your Word says to cast all of our anxiety on you because you care for us. I turn all of my burdens and concerns over to you. Please guide my every step and help me to be attentive to your loving direction.



A walk...even a quick 5-10 minute walk can help gain a different perspective about all you're facing.