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Spiritual Health Assessment

“We don’t know what we don’t know.” That sounds like a no-brainer, but everyone has blind spots in life—even when it comes to our spiritual health. We have ideas and hopes of what a God-centered life could be like but we get stuck, not knowing how to move beyond where we are right now. 

To help you get some traction, CTK offers a Spiritual Health Assessment (new and improved!). This tool gives you a clearer view of your progress in four general areas of spiritual maturity:

  1. Authenticity (learning to be real with God, yourself, and others)

  2. Biblical Understanding (growing in your knowledge and acceptance of biblical truth)

  3. Devotion (building a living relationship with God through spiritual disciplines and practices)

  4. Integration (aligning every area of your life with your understanding and beliefs about God)

Your results will indicate whether you’re sitting, crawling, walking or running in each of these four areas. With this knowledge, you can choose a next step of growth from the classes, programs, groups, and events listed in the current edition of CTK Life.

So don’t stay stuck, not knowing what you don’t know! Try the Spiritual Health Self Assessment today and take a step toward a life-changing relationship with God that impacts the world.

TAKE THE ASSESSMENT NOW or pick up a paper version at the Connection Point.