Missions Month 2024

Every spring at Christ the King Church, we focus our attention and generosity toward the mission God is accomplishing through the efforts of our global partners around the world.

The ministries we partner with all have one thing in common — they each began with a single person who said yes to God.

Now, we extend that opportunity to you.

This month is filled with opportunities for you to say yes to God. Yes to his command to care for widows and orphans. Yes to his call to foster peace between nations. Yes to his great commission to share the good news of Jesus to the ends of the earth. 

On behalf of our Global Partners and the people they serve thank you in advance
for your “above-and beyond” generosity!

Our giving goal for Missions Month 2024 is $136,000 which will fund all the projects described below. Whether you’re able to give a little or give a lot, the power of God’s family is realized when each of us finds a way to say yes to God’s call.

Please note: The dollar amounts shown for each project are included simply to inform and inspire your giving. All giving will be combined into a single fund to be distributed toward these projects at the sole discretion of the CTK Missions Committee. Funds given in excess of $136,000 will be directed toward other missions projects.



From my home to your home

Build a home for a widow

Cost PER HOME: $750

Widows are extremely vulnerable in this area of Africa. An effective way to add dignity, safety and value to a widow is to provide a home for her. The home becomes a uniting effort in the community and a celebration of God’s provision and care. Stop by the home in the Commons to see what a finished home looks like!


From my soul to your sole

Fund a medical and jigger clinic

cost PER CLINIC: $3,500

Jiggers are small yet insidious parasites that infiltrate the skin, rendering hands and feet virtually unusable. Left untreated, they can lead to severe infections or even necessitate amputation. Medical care, including medicine, is out of reach of many underprivileged communities due to cost and/or a remote location. Free medical clinics, including treatment for jiggers, are urgently needed to share the physical and spiritual healing of Jesus.


Saviour King Education Center • Kibera Slum • Kenya

From my table to your table

Help feed schoolchildren

Cost Range: $40-100

The daily lunch at Savior King Education Center is the only meal of the day for most of the 415 students. Due to Kenya’s high rate of inflation, lunch is noticeably smaller than it used to be. Parents and children are hungry and in need of the basic blessing of food.

  • Bag of rice: $40
  • Bag of beans: $95
  • Add a banana to lunch*: $100 per day

* CTK Kids have set a goal to raise $500 for bananas!

Saviour King Education Center • Kibera Slum • Kenya

From my building to your building

Add a junior high to Saviour King

initial cost: $20,000

Providing container classrooms for grades 7-9 helps keep kids in school longer and gives them a greater chance of success in future education. Help fund this building to further kids’ education.

Saviour King Education Center • Kibera Slum • Kenya

From my paycheck to your paycheck

Supplement a teacher's income

Cost PER YEAR: $240

Teachers are a key to the success of Saviour King, a school where the students are excelling in all areas. Regardless of where a student comes from, they’re taught that they can achieve what God has destined for them to achieve. The teachers are all things to their students in the Kibera slum—teacher, social worker, counselor, parent figure, and encourager. Due to inflation, meeting a teacher’s basic needs has become a challenge. An extra $20 per month is a huge blessing for a teacher.

Lake Eyasi Triangle Dream Center • Tanzania

From my school to your school

Build 2 classrooms & teacher housing

Initial CLINIC: $31,000

This is an exciting pioneer effort in a new area of outreach to both animist and Muslim people groups. A preschool, which is currently meeting under a tree, is an effective way to reach out to families with no knowledge of Jesus. Each year another grade will be added to the school.

  • $24,000 for two classrooms
  • $7,000 for 2-room house for teachers

Lake Eyasi Triangle Dream Center • Tanzania

From my table to your table

Help fund a feeding outreach program

Cost Range: $40-95

The inflation rate of food in Tanzania is currently 2 to 4 times greater than it was in 2020. That means food prices have doubled, or even doubled again. People are hungry. An effective mode of outreach is to bring a gift of food to bless others.

  • Bag of rice: $40
  • Bag of beans: $95



From my heart to your heart

Fund youth leadership camp scholarships


Give toward scholarships for disadvantaged and disabled children to attend a week of camp at the National Leadership Center where students learn about the Old Testament heroes of the faith and engage in team building through various ropes course challenges. It’s a groundbreaking opportunity to bring together kids from Jewish, Muslim and Christian backgrounds to build relationship and provide hope for peace.



If your YES is to GO...

Help build wells in Honduras

Join the CTK Mission trip to Choluteca, Honduras with Living Water International, October 12-19, 2024. Find out more about the trip at
an Information meeting on Sunday, March 24 after either service in Room 216.

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If your YES is to PRAY...

Subscribe to one or both of our missions prayer letters

A solid prayer covering is essential for our partners and knowing they are being specifically prayed for is a huge blessing to them.

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