Kanlaya Sirikul


Kanlaya is from Bangkok, Thailand and has served full-time in the ministry for thirty years alongside her husband, Enoch, who went home to be with the Lord four years ago. Kanlaya and Enoch had one son (pictured). Enoch was a director of a national missions organization and a pastor. Kanlaya's desire is to complete some of the work that her husband left after his passing and continue to follow God as He leads. Last year, Kanlaya partnered with other church planting movements. Recently, God has led her to start a new church to reach out to Cambodians in the outskirts of Bangkok, where almost 100,000 of them live.


In 2019, Thailand had it's largest ever baptism service. In the last 2 years, the Thai people have seen over 13,000 salvations and 5,000 baptisms! God is doing an incredible work in Thailand.

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