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Small Groups

At CTK, community is central to everything we do. In fact, our mission statement starts with the goal to create authentic Christian community. One of the primary ways that we do this is through discipleship groups.

These are groups of three to five people who are daily reading the same Bible verses, then meeting up weekly, online or in-person, to discuss what they read as well as pray together and encourage one another. In these groups you will find friendship, encouragement, support and growth. The model for a successful group has three basic ingredients:

  1. Do life together: be real and share your life and learn about others.
  2. Biblical truth: what does the bible say about the topic you are studying? What is God saying in the scripture you are reading.
  3. Prayer: how can we pray for you today?

Groups meet on various nights throughout the week. Contact for more information and to join a group!