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Alpha is just right for people who want to explore Christian faith at a starting stage. Alpha's friendly "non-judging" feel is perfect for you to ask questions and explore the life Jesus offers. If you're further along in your faith, you're welcome to bring a friend to Alpha who's looking to explore faith. Alpha is a fun video and a safe conversation where your personal story is valued and respected. 

Searching for something more?

We’re all searching for something. Whether you grew up in church or never set foot in one, whether you are 18 or 80, whether you raise kids or raise cattle... Alpha is for everyone. We all have questions.

  • What’s the point of life?
  • Why is there suffering in the world?
  • What happens when we die?
  • Is forgiveness possible?

Alpha is for everyone who wants to explore life’s big questions.

What is Alpha?

The Alpha course is a practical introduction to the Christian faith that gives guests an opportunity to explore the meaning of life. Alpha is fun, relaxed and totally non-pressured (that’s probably why over 19 million people around the world have already done it!).

Listen, learn, discuss, and discover. No question is out of bounds, and participants are free to say as much or as little as they wish while they make up their own minds about the teachings of Jesus. At Alpha, you can freely explore the Christian faith in a relaxed setting.

Each week you’ll enjoy a meal and hear a talk on subjects as diverse as “Who is Jesus?”, “How Can I Have Faith?” and “How Can I Make the Most of the Rest of My Life?” After the talk, guests break into small groups to discuss what they’ve heard and share their own opinions. Alpha is free and open to everyone age 16 and older. 

Our next Alpha class will be scheduled for spring of 2019. Please check back for more details.