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    4173 Meridian St,
    Bellingham, WA 98226




Emma Messner

Executive Assistant


Brady Rector

Campus Pastoroffice: 360.733.1337

Carrie Butler

Campus Directoroffice: 360.733.1337

Ellie Fowler

Children's Ministry Director

Kua Guevara

Worship Director

Sudden Valley

Jason Manning

Campus Pastoroffice: 360.733.1337

Tonya Clark

Children's Director


Rich Warriner

Campus Pastoroffice: 360.656.6342

Eric Young

Connections Pastor

Kim Howland

Campus & Kid's Team Coordinator


Drew Young

Communications Production Specialistoffice: 360.733.1337

Adult Community

Angel Finsrud

Marriage and Family Pastoroffice: 360.733.1337

Cassy Hallen

Women's Ministry Director

Jayne Doll

Executive Administrative Assistantoffice: 360.733.1337

Katrina Jones

Mid-week Kid's Recovery and Childcare Directoroffice: 360.733.1337

Linda Palmer

Executive Administrative Assistantoffice: 360.733.1337

Missy Matteson

Adult Community Admin

Ron Walton

Adult Community Director: Men's/Seniors/Sportsoffice: 360.733.1337


Grant Fishbook

Lead Teaching Pastoroffice: 360.733.1337

Melonie Kemp

Executive Pastoroffice: 360.733.1337

Emma Messner

Executive Assistant


Wendy Powell

Outreach Pastoroffice: 360.733.1337

Faith Whaley

Food Share & Farm Director

Julie Scherer

Care Ministry Directoroffice: 360.733.1337

Tracy Whitehead

Food Bank Directoroffice: 360.733.1337

Keri Allen

Blessing Coordinator


Andy Tellman

Worship Directoroffice: 360.733.1337

Brian Behrends

Creative Pastoroffice: 360.733.1337

Drew Young

Communications Production Specialistoffice: 360.733.1337

Frank Talbot

Development Pastoroffice: 360.733.1337

Gabe Chartier

A/V Tech Directoroffice: 360.733.1337

Jessica Papen

Creative Team Adminoffice: 360.733.1337

Randy Bourland

Marketing and Communication Directoroffice: 360.733.1337

Scott Sayers

Art Directoroffice: 360.733.1337

Jonathan Bryant

Video Director

Selina Gorsegner

AV Production Assistant

CTK Network

Alisen Gorum

Network Finance Admin

Danielle Vos

Database Integrity Specialistoffice: 360.733.1337

Derek Archer

Network Pastoroffice: 360.733.1337

Jen Roorda

Finance Directoroffice: 360.733.1337

Kjell Nygren

Technology Directoroffice: 360.733.1337

Kyle Fugier

Human Resources Director

Shawna Walton

Operation Directoroffice: 360.733.1337

Tim Litovchenko

Administrative Assistant, CTK Network

Victoriya Knapp

Accounts Payable Specialistoffice: 360.733.1337


Brad Hallock

Safety Team Director

Brandon Gilland

Custodial Staff, Norway Hall

Eric Coutts

Custodial Manager

Kevin Finsrud

Facility Directoroffice: 360.733.1337

Marissa Wittig

Events Director

Suzanne McVey

Custodial Staffoffice: 360.733.1337

Thomas Wilson

Custodial Staffoffice: 360.733.1337

Noah Saenz

Facilities Staff

Lynsey Coutts

Facility Lock up

Will Fowler

Assistant Safety Team Leader

Dylan Fahey

Maintenance Director

Students and Young Adults

Garret Shelsta

Ekklesia Pastoroffice: 360.733.1337

Ashley Ranson

Young Adults Administrator

Caley Whitner

Student Ministry Program Assistant

Josh Lease

Ekklesia Men's Small Group Director/NB Kid's & Discipleship Director

Matt Garza

Ekklesia Communication Director

McKenna Kloes

Young Adults Development Lead

Molly Martin

Ekklesia Discipleship Director office: 360.733.1337

Kua Guevara

Worship Director

Rachel Alexander

Student Creative Ministry Coordinator

Ashley Nikonchuk

Student Ministries Directoroffice: 360.733.1337

North Bay

Dan McEvoy

Campus Pastoroffice: 360.332.1951

Josh Lease

Ekklesia Men's Small Group Director/NB Kid's & Discipleship Director

Shane Sheridan

Worship Directoroffice: 360.332.1951

Hillary Rockwell

Care Team, Publications, and Office Coordinatoroffice: 360.332.1951

Chris Hanline

Director of Sound & Media

Logan Nelson

Student Ministries Lead

Andrew Welch

Custodianoffice: 360.332.1951


Tyler Michel

Campus Pastoroffice: (360) 332-1951

Taylor Andrews

Campus Director


Charles Molenkamp

Children's Pastoroffice: 360.733.1337 x270

Melanie Green

Early Childhood Ministry Leader

Bren Weatherby

Elementary Directoroffice: 360.733.1337

Kyle Quintanilla

Elementary Leader

Samantha Murdoch

Children's Check-in Staff

Dyona Robson

Children's Ministry Admin

Shiloe Petros

Elementary Leader

Cynthia Johnston

Early Childhood Leader

Small Groups

Brian Steele

Small Groups Pastoroffice: 360.733.1337

Ryan Ervin

Small Groups Pastoroffice: 360.733.1337

Julie Burleson

Small Groups Pastoroffice: 360.733.1337

Kevin Brearley

Small Groups Pastoroffice: 360.733.1337

Hospitality and Welcome

Arlene Watts

Welcome Team Directoroffice: 360.733.1337

AJ Stanley

Hospitality Directoroffice: 360.733.1337

Kalynda Boatman

Coffee Staff

Kami Nygren

Coffee Staff

Keri Allen

Blessing Coordinator