at CTK North Bay

Membership is your opportunity to say "yes" and affirm that CTK is your church. 

Members are active & involved individuals who have completed a membership application and have personal relationship with Jesus Christ. They have committed themselves to accomplishing the mission of the Church as exhibited in their desire and consistent participation in the following six core disciplines:

  • Consistently prioritizing and cultivating a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ

  • Consistently participating in biblical community

  • Consistently engaging in reaching out to people who are far from God

  • Consistently serving in the ministry of CTK or within a ministry that is in alignment with the mission, vision and values of CTK

  • Consistently sacrificing and stewarding personal resources by giving to God through the ministry of CTK                  

  • Consistently attending corporate worship gatherings at CTK

To become a member, an individual will:
  1. Complete a membership class to understand the history, beliefs, and ministry philosophy of CTK, and how they can play their role. This can be done in one of two ways: watch a brief Membership Class video online, or send a request to be added to the list for the next in-person membership class by sending an email to .

    Membership Class Video

  2. Apply for membership by filling out our online form. You can click below to apply now, and your application will be reviewed by Pastor Dan McEvoy, after which he will reach out to follow up you.

    Membership Application

  3. Your application will be submitted to the CTK Network Council for approval.

It's that easy! We want to thank you for committing to the mission of Jesus through His Church with us!