Living in the Light

Use this growth guide to follow along with our 10-week series, Living in the Light. They will help you build a habit of reading scripture and introduce you to spiritual practices that will help you connect with God in meaningful ways.

There are also weekly group discussion questions that you can utilize in your small group. Grab a group of friends and start this 10-week discipleship journey towards growing with Christ.

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Doing Life Together Questions

Use these questions as a guide for your small group discussions as you do life together.


Discussion based on John 1:1-18

  • What is so significant about John describing Jesus as “The Word?”

  • How is the metaphor “Jesus being the light” impactful to you?

  • John, the writer, describes John the Baptist as one to testify of the light. How would you hold up in the court of law as a character witness of Jesus?

  • Why did people not recognize Jesus when He came? How does this relate to those still missing him today?

  • John sums up the incarnation of Christ in verse 14. How significant is it for us that Jesus came in the flesh? How have you experienced His glory personally?

  • John describes Jesus as being filled with “grace and truth.” How do we see Jesus embody both “grace and truth” that was not always popular but effective? How can we do the same as those called to live in His light and embody his glory through us to others?


Discussion based on John 4:1-42

  • What were the social, religious, gender and other barriers that Jesus broke?

  • In talking to this woman at the well, how does Jesus show love? How is His example a challenge to you, to reach out to others who are not like you?

  • What is it about Jesus’ offering to this woman that is about more than water?

  • How do we drink Jesus’ “living water” ourselves?

  • Based on the limited information we have about this woman at the well, what do you think she was like? What can you speculate about her past?

  • Why do you think Jesus takes a drastic pivot in the conversation from talking about water to this woman’s personal life?

  • How does Jesus teach us to speak the truth to others in love by using the woman’s thirst as a starting point to confront an issue in her life?

  • What is so significant about Jesus choosing this woman as the first person to whom He revealed that He is Messiah? (v. 25-26) How does that show that His mission is not just for a select few?

  • What is the woman’s response to Jesus’ love and acceptance towards her? How does that affect her and her community?

  • How is our own community thirsty for love? How can we help satisfy this thirst as a community?


Discussion based on John 6:25-40

  • Based on verse 26, which refers to the miracle of feeding the five thousand, how is Jesus challenging the motives of those who are following Him?

  • How does this relate to us being consumers of what Jesus gives over simply being followers of Him?

  • According to verse 27, what type of food are we to work for and why? What is the reward when we do?

  • What do you think was the meaning behind the question in verse 28, and what was significant about how Jesus responded?

  • How is simply “to believe” the right work we are to do?

  • What is the biblical context that manna (heavenly bread) is a sign? What sign does manna represent?

  • How is Jesus the “bread of life,” as He declares? What does this mean personally for you, and who do you need him to be in your current situation, for which you need prayer to help you fulfill His greater will?


Discussion based on John 8:2-11

  • How were the religious leaders trying to trap Jesus? What was their motive?

  • What do you think Jesus was writing on the ground?

  • What did Jesus mean after he forgave the women, “Go and leave your life of sin?”

  • What do you think her response was after Jesus forgave her?

  • If you were the woman, how would you have felt towards these religious leaders and to Jesus?

  • How would you feel after Jesus forgave and empowered you to live a new life?

  • How can you relate this to your own faith and journey with Jesus?


Discussion based on John 9-10

  • What is Jesus’ purpose of healing the blind man?

  • Why were the religious leaders disturbed by it? What was their motive?

  • What does Jesus mean when he says ”a person is spiritually blind?“ How can it be an issue for all of us, and how do we overcome this condition?

  • What is Jesus’ promise of describing shepherding as who He is and the people being the sheep?

  • How do you feel about being a sheep, and what is the best way for us to be protected spiritually in the care of the Shepherd?

  • What was the issue for those who struggled to believe in Jesus, the Great Shepherd, God himself?

  • How do you need Jesus to be the Great Shepherd in your life this week?


Discussion based on John 11-12

  • Why did Jesus wait after hearing the news of Lazarus?

  • What were those close to him thinking or feeling? How would you have felt if you were them?

  • What was Jesus teaching them in the waiting?

  • Have you ever felt God was being slow? What have you learned about Him when He doesn’t answer your prayers right away?

  • How do we grow in our faith while we wait?

  • When has there been a time in your life that after the waiting period that God answered your prayer better than you were hoping?

  • How are you currently in the waiting period and could you use prayer?


Discussion based on John 13-14

  • Look at John 13:34-35. What do you think it looks like to love others the way Jesus has loved you? How has Jesus loved you?

  • Share about a season of life where you faced an uncertain future. What was that like for you?

  • When we face uncertainty or when we desire change to happen, we can feel like we’re waiting for the next season to come. Sometimes hesitantly or eagerly waiting. Are you in a season of waiting hesitantly or eagerly with the Lord?

  • What do you think it would look like for you to wait well with the Lord?

  • Look at John 14:5-7. What do you think Jesus means when He says He is the way to the Father? What does His way look like?

  • What would it mean to pursue to way of Jesus? How does this lead us to where He is going?

  • In what area of your life are you finding it difficult to wait?

  • How is Jesus inviting you to actively wait with Him?


Discussion based on John 15-16

  • Why would Jesus use the vineyard as metaphor?

  • When does pruning take place? How have you felt personally pruned in your life?

  • What does Jesus mean by “remain?” In what ways have you been challenged in your life to remain?

  • Jesus says, “apart from me you can do nothing.” What does he mean? When have you had to remain close to Jesus to see what only He can do?

  • How are we to love according to Jesus?

  • In what ways have you experienced real, intimate friendship with Jesus?


Discussion based on John 17-18

  • What stood out the most, new or most impactful in reading the crucifixion account?

  • What does it mean to you personally Jesus went through all of this for you?

  • How best can express your grateful for what Jesus done for you this season?

  • What is one action step will you take because of it?


Discussion based on John 19-21

  • Reflect on the past 10 weeks. As you’ve read through the gospel of John, what has Jesus taught you?

  • Out of the spiritual practices listed in the growth guide, which one stood out to you the most and which practice do you want to continue to implement into your faith journey as you go forward?

  • How is Jesus inviting you to live in the light of who He is? How is He inviting you to be a light?

  • What hope does the resurrection of Jesus give you? Why do you think the resurrection matters so much to our faith?

  • In chapter 21 of John, Jesus reinstates Peter and tells him he is going to build the church. This is after Peter denied Jesus three times before death. What area of your life does Jesus want to reinstate or redeem?

  • As we come to a close in our Living in the Light growth guide, share with your group how you will remain consistent in following Jesus on a daily basis and how you will spend time with Him going forward. Pray for each other as you end your time.