once for all

Growth Guide

Use this Growth Guide to follow along with our 9-week series, Once For All. As we use the guide together, it will help you build a habit of reading scripture and introduce you to spiritual practices that will help you connect with God in meaningful ways.

There are also weekly group discussion questions that you can utilize in your small group. Grab a group of friends and start this 9-week discipleship journey towards growing with Christ.

Can't make it in person to get your printed Growth Guide booklet? Click below to download a digital version that you can fill in and save to continue using, or email us at  and let us know how we can get you a printed guide!

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Looking for this week's message notes & Doing Life Together questions?

Notes & DLT

Prayer Practices

Examen Prayer

Examen Prayer is a great daily reflective prayer to help you find God in all of the little things and remind you to be thankful.

Meeting Place Prayer

Meeting Place Prayer a simple way to tune into the reality that God is with us, rather than someone far off that we talk at and hope to hear back from. 

Centering Prayer

 Centering Prayer is a silent, contemplative prayer practice focused on a single word that connects you to God.

Breath Prayers

Breath Prayers center around on a single phrase in Scripture as you breathe in deeply and focus on God.

Imaginative Prayer

Imaginative prayer is way of meeting with the Lord by using our imagination to enter a Gospel story. 

Prayer Covenant

The Prayer Covenant resource  gives us an opportunity to pray together with the one heart and one vision.