Take a Hike With God

Welcome to Take a Hike With God, our summer growth plan that acts as a resource to help us connect with God while using our five senses.

In this plan are five different sessions you can take part in throughout the summer. It is designed to be done at your own pace as we know the summer time can be chaotic and inconsistent. Each session should take at least a week to do, but feel free to utilize a session for a longer period of time if it resonates with you.

The sessions contain activities or promptings that you will do on your own with God during the week. You will also go on a walk or hike, utilizing your unique senses.

There are instructions on what to do during each walk or hike that will help you connect with God during that time as well.

You have the freedom to do the hikes or walks with others or on your own. Maybe do them with your small group, with a family member, maybe a friend from church.

Download Hiking Plan Here!