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Our Mission

To create an authentic Christian community that effectively reaches out to unchurched people in love, acceptance, and forgiveness so that they may experience the joy of salvation and a purposeful life of discipleship.

Our Vision

To become a healthy, sending, church movement that carries the hope of Jesus to individuals, communities, and nations.

Values (What matters to us?)

  1. Authenticity. We choose to be real with God, real with others, and real with ourselves. We will not live false, idealistic, or hidden lives.

  2. Simplicity. We choose the least complicated approach to our beliefs, decision-making, ministry processes, language, and engaging people. We will not make access to truth, knowledge, leading or serving difficult.

  3. Empowerment. We choose to give away responsibility and authority, deploying all believers in the ministry. We will not reserve meaningful roles for professional staff only.

  4. Relationally Driven. We choose a relational approach to ministry and decision-making.

  5. Outward Focus. We care as much about those who are outside the family of God as those who are in it.

What do we do? (What's our most important work as a church?)

  1. Healthy Leadership. We create sustainable growth by identifying, deploying, training and supporting healthy leaders who take personal responsibility for their spiritual, relational, emotional, and financial health.

  2. Evangelism. We love people who are far from God, tell our story and God's story to others, and bring our whole selves (including our faith) into every environment.

  3. Discipleship. We make disciples through worship (loving God), community (loving others), and outreach (loving others to God).

  4. Serving Others. We meet practical needs in our community and beyond through individual efforts, ministry partnerships, and church-wide partnerships.