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Compass in the Mail Fall 2020 (Sept/Oct)

Every Monday

Group: Bellingham

Coordinator: Katrina Jones |

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Compass for Kids Ages 6-12:
Helping Kids Navigate Life
4 Weeks of content

It seems that every which way we look, there has been a major disruption to our normal rhythm and routine. Maybe you’ve heard some of these statements said in your home:

- “I am so bored!!”
- “That’s not how my teacher does it!!”
- “Why can’t I just go to my friends house? They’re not sick!”
- “What if I get sick?”
- “What if you get sick?”

What they probably aren’t realizing is that the butterflies in their stomach, the heightened behavior, the sudden tears, random laughter, and the extra backtalk are rooted in emotions such as anxiety, worry, fear, confusion, grief, disappointment, anger, and sadness. Don’t forget about excitement, joy, happiness, and love, those are there too. All at once. And that makes sense.

Whether you're an adult or a child, changes in life and schedules result in a variety of feelings that could catch us off guard, or even confuse us a bit. Thankfully we don’t have to wait and watch while our kids just fumble through this hoping for the best… we’ve got Compass to help!! This Fall quarter we are focusing on identifying, labeling and processing: Feelings.

We all face a wide variety of intense feelings and emotions especially when we experience big changes! How we identify and express those feelings has a huge impact on the quality of our lives. Increasing our emotional intelligence with social and emotional skill building can help!

Through relevant teaching and fun activities, Compass helps kids ages 6-12 learn how to recognize big feelings like loss, grief, anger, or disappointment, and provides the tools and skills to process those feelings in healthy, beneficial ways.

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