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    4173 Meridian St,
    Bellingham, WA 98226




Brady Rector

Campus Pastoroffice: 360.733.1337

Carrie Butler

Campus Directoroffice: 360.733.1337

Ellie Fowler

Children's Ministry Director

Kua Guevara

Worship Director

Sudden Valley

Jason Manning

Campus Pastoroffice: 360.733.1337

Tonya Clark

Children's Director


Rich Warriner

Campus Pastoroffice: 360.656.6342

Eric Young

Development and Next Gen Pastor

Katlin Mckinley

Connections Director

Rome Williams

Custodial Staff

Savannah Young

Ferndale Kids Admin

Kim Howland

Kids Team Leader

Adult Community

Angel Finsrud

Marriage and Family Pastoroffice: 360.733.1337

Cassy Oliver

Women's Ministry Director

Jayne Doll

Executive Administrative Assistantoffice: 360.733.1337

Katrina Jones

Mid-week Kid's Recovery and Childcare Directoroffice: 360.733.1337

Linda Palmer

Executive Administrative Assistantoffice: 360.733.1337

Missy Matteson

Adult Community Admin

Ron Walton

Adult Community Director: Men's/Seniors/Sportsoffice: 360.733.1337


Grant Fishbook

Lead Teaching Pastoroffice: 360.733.1337

Melonie Kemp

Executive Pastoroffice: 360.733.1337

Diane Hoffer

Executive Administrative Assistantoffice: 360.733.1337


Wendy Powell

Outreach Pastoroffice: 360.733.1337

Faith Whaley

Food Share & Farm Director

Julie Scherer

Care Ministry Directoroffice: 360.733.1337

Tracy Whitehead

Food Bank Directoroffice: 360.733.1337

Keri Allen

Blessing Coordinator


Andy Tellman

Worship Directoroffice: 360.733.1337

Brian Behrends

Creative Pastoroffice: 360.733.1337

Frank Talbot

Development Pastoroffice: 360.733.1337

Gabe Chartier

A/V Tech Directoroffice: 360.733.1337

Jessica Papen

Creative Team Adminoffice: 360.733.1337

Kirsten Thomas

Worship Leader

Randy Bourland

Marketing and Communication Directoroffice: 360.733.1337

Richelle Kikuji

Graphic Design Specialistoffice: 360.733.1337

Scott Sayers

Art Directoroffice: 360.733.1337

Stennar Martinson

Technical Production Specialistoffice: 360.733.1337

Jonathan Bryant

Video Director

Selina Gorsegner

AV Production Assistant

CTK Network

Alisen Gorum

Network Finance Admin

Danielle Vos

Database Integrity Specialistoffice: 360.733.1337

Derek Archer

Network Pastoroffice: 360.733.1337

Jen Roorda

Finance Directoroffice: 360.733.1337

Kjell Nygren

Technology Directoroffice: 360.733.1337

Kyle Fugier

Human Resources Director

Shawna Walton

Operation Directoroffice: 360.733.1337

Tim Litovchenko

Administrative Assistant, CTK Network

Victoriya Knapp

Accounts Payable Specialistoffice: 360.733.1337


Brad Hallock

Assistant Safety Team Leader

Brandon Gilland

Custodial Staff, Norway Hall

Eric Coutts

Custodial Manager

Kevin Finsrud

Facility Directoroffice: 360.733.1337

Marissa Wittig

Events Director

Ryan Wittig

Maintenance Coordinatoroffice: 360.733.1337

Suzanne McVey

Custodial Staffoffice: 360.733.1337

Thomas Wilson

Custodial Staffoffice: 360.733.1337

Noah Saenz

Facilities Staff

Lynsey Coutts

Facility Lock up

Will Fowler

Assistant Safety Team Leader

Students and Young Adults

Lem Usita

Next Generation Pastor

Garret Shelsta

Ekklesia Pastoroffice: 360.733.1337

Chandler Corzine

Youth Ministry Program Directoroffice: 360-733-1337

Ashley Ranson

Young Adults Administrator

Caley Whitner

Student Ministry Program Assistant

Josh Lease

Ekklesia Men's Small Group Director/NB Kid's & Discipleship Director

Matt Garza

Ekklesia Communication Director

McKenna Kloes

Young Adults Development Lead

Molly Martin

Ekklesia Discipleship Director office: 360.733.1337

Kua Guevara

Worship Director

North Bay

Dan McEvoy

Lead Pastoroffice: 360.332.1951

Josh Lease

Ekklesia Men's Small Group Director/NB Kid's & Discipleship Director

Ashley Nikonchuk

Student Discipleshipoffice: 360.733.1337

Kim Howland

Kids Team Leader

Shane Sheridan

Worship Directoroffice: 360.332.1951

Hillary Rockwell

Care Team, Publications, and Office Coordinatoroffice: 360.332.1951

Chris Hanline

Sound & Media Support

James Guenther

Maintenance Coordinatoroffice: 360.332.1951

Andrew Welch

Custodianoffice: 360.332.1951


Tyler Michel

Discipleship & Develop Pastoroffice: (360) 332-1951

Taylor Andrews

Campus Director


Lem Usita

Next Generation Pastor

Charles Molenkamp

Children's Pastoroffice: 360.733.1337 x270

Sonya Bovenkamp

Early Childhood Directoroffice: 360.733.1337

Melanie Green

Early Childhood Ministry Leader

Bren Weatherby

Elementary Directoroffice: 360.733.1337

Kyle Quintanilla

Elementary Leader

Samantha Murdoch

Children's Check-in Staff

Dyona Robson

Children's Ministry Admin

Small Groups

Brian Steele

Small Groups Pastoroffice: 360.733.1337

Ryan Ervin

Small Groups Pastoroffice: 360.733.1337

Julie Burleson

Small Groups Pastoroffice: 360.733.1337

Kevin Brearley

Small Groups Pastoroffice: 360.733.1337

Hospitality and Welcome

Arlene Watts

Welcome Team Directoroffice: 360.733.1337

AJ Stanley

Hospitality Directoroffice: 360.733.1337

Kalynda Boatman

Coffee Staff

Kami Nygren

Coffee Staff

Keri Allen

Blessing Coordinator